5 Brilliant Brain Food for Toddlers

It’s known that 90% of a child’s brain development happens in the first six years of their life. That’s the time when their brain is growing as they soak up everything around them and figure out how to think, and react. 

Foods that contain antioxidants, choline, omega-3 fatty acids and complex carbohydrates are all considered as brain builders which not just help your kids in growing healthy bodies but also help in boosting your child’s brain power. 

We've curated a list of five foods that enhance brain development for your little one-

  1. 1. Spinach- It contains antioxidants which helps in strengthening brain cells. Spinach is fully packed with  folate and vitamins. It is linked to lower odds of getting dementia later in life.

Ways to Serve- 

Getting kids to eat spinach by itself can be complicated but serving it with macaroni, or eggs can do the trick. Just make sure to finely chop the spinach so that it is small enough for your child to notice and will add colour to the plate.

Recipe for spinach omelette- Spinach Omelette Recipe for 10 Months + Babies, Toddlers and Kids | Finger Food Ideas for Babies

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  1. 2. Eggs- They are known to be the super food for brain development. It is packed with proteins and nutrients that help kids concentrate. Especially the egg yolk is a storehouse of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It contains  choline, which helps in memory development. It’s a proven fact that one egg can supply  kids with a quarter of their choline requirement. 

Ways to Serve- 

Egg dishes are super versatile, you can serve them boiled, poached, as an omlette, or by stuffing it into a sandwich.  

Recipe for egg sandwich- Egg Sandwich - Healthy Breakfast for kids Tiffin box | Egg Salad / Egg Mayo Sandwich Recipe

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  1. 3. Dairy products (Milk, Curd, Cheese)- They are high in protein and vitamin B, which are necessary for the growth of brain tissue. They are also high in calcium which in turn is necessary for the development of your little one’s  teeth and bones. 

Ways to Serve- 

If your kid refrains from drinking milk, you can incorporate milk into their diet by making porridge, puddings, or pancakes, pro tip is to use milk instead of water. 

Recipe for milk porridge- Cracked wheat BREAKFAST porridge ( for 1 year toddlers & kids ) - Daliya kheer for kids

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  1. 4. Oats- They are an excellent source of energy as it is rich in fiber, which slows digestion and results in a more sustained release of fuel to the brain keeping your child energetic. They are also good sources of vitamin E,B , potassium, and zinc.

Ways to Serve- 

You can top the oatmeal with loads of berries which themselves are considered ‘brain food’, almonds, or fruits like apples and bananas.

Recipe for oatmeal- 6 Oatmeal Breakfast Recipes ( for 1+ year Toddler, Kids & Family ) | Easy oatmeal recipes |

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  1. 5. Fish- It is rich in a kind of fat called DHA, which is the most abundant omega-3 fat found in the human brain as omega-3 fats are necessary components of the cell's building blocks. It protects the brain from declining mental skills and memory loss. 

Ways to Serve- 

Fish can be marinated in curd, lemon, turmeric and other spices before being baked and served. Fish tacos are a hit among kids, or you can also try easy homemade fish sticks. 

Recipe for fish tacos- Healthy Cod Fish Taco Recipe

Recipe for fish sticks- Fish Fingers (and they're BAKED!🙀)

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