How to soothe a crying baby?

Having an easy baby who coos and smiles on cue and cries is a myth. Reality usually is far away from this particular fantasy. After feeding and diapering duties throughout the day, soothing your fussy baby can seem like it takes up the bulk of your day and sometimes even nights because kicking up a fuss is the only communication skill a newborn knows.

Why the tears?- Reasons behind your crying baby:

  1. Hunger- Newborns often eat like eight to twelve times in 24 hours, so the reason behind your baby crying can be they are ready to eat again. Try to understand a few of your baby’s body language signs like lip smacking and bringing hands to their mouth.
  2. Wet or dirty diaper- Babies tend to wet their diapers as many as eight times a day. So, it's the parents responsibility to check their baby's tiny bum from time to time because nobody likes to sit in a wet diaper.
  3. Gas- It can make your baby feel uncomfortable and fussy. Try burping your baby after every feeding with gentle pats on their back which will help them relieve gas.
  4. Overwhelmed- Most of the time babies have a desire to be held. If comfort is what your baby is craving, let your baby suck on a pacifier which will soothe them, or you can try swaddling them in a light blanket so they feel safe and snug.
  5. Hot or cold- Dressing your baby according to the weather can be more complex than you think and can leave them uncomfortable or even in tears. Keep extra attention on your baby's outfit to see if you should add or remove a layer.


 Say no to tears- Ways to soothe your little one:

  1. Swaddling- Wrap your baby in a blanket so they feel secure. The snug wrap will soothe your baby as it creates a cozy and warm womb-like feeling and helps activate your baby’s calming reflex.
  2. Sucking- Let your baby suck on a pacifier or their own fingers which will help calm their nerves. Baby Wear and Care
  3. Swinging- Make any sort of rhythmic movement with your baby in your arms. Try holding your baby on a rocking chair, the swing or the vibrancy bounce will help them calm down. Kids T-Shirt
  4. Shushing- Babies have the tendency to calm down on rhythmic white noises including the sound of a running vacuum cleaner , hair drier, fan or clothes drier which may remind them of the womb.FflirtyGo Baby Clothing
  5. Baby massage or hot water bath- Both these techniques can be a relaxing ritual for both you and your baby. Try applying lotion or special massage oils with a gentle touch. New Born Baby
  6. Go outside- The outdoor light, air and temperature, plus new sights, and sounds can  improve everyone’s mood because sometimes all your baby wants is change in the scenery.  Mom and Kids Combo T-Shirt

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