Newborn Essentials

When running a simple errand with a newborn makes you feel like packing for a 2-week long vacation. From diapers to pacifiers to milk bottles, the items you’ll store in this must-have bag will either make or break your outing with your little one.

Here’s a diaper bag checklist mentioning ‘What Do You Really Need?’ :-


  1. Diapers-  2-3 diapers for every hour you plan to be out. Their skin is very sensitive and always needs extra care. One of the many things that you should be concerned about is choosing the best diaper that will suit your baby’s skin. Here’s few best disposable diapers you can consider for your little one.
    • Superbottoms- Waterproof, Adjustable, Free Size and Reusable diapers The same diaper can be washed and reused for 300+ times.
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    • Pampers - India’s only Anti Rash diapers containing Lotion with Aloe Vera that prevents rashes. Ultra Absorb Magic gel locks in wetness with an inner layer of super absorbent Magic Gel keeping your baby dry for up to 12 hours. Provides up to 100% protection from leakage even after 12 hours of use.
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  2. 2. Disposable wipes- Try to pack at least a regular-size or travel-size  package of wipes. We’ve rounded up the best baby wipes to help you keep your hands and your baby’s bottom clean. 
    • WaterWipes- Designed to be gentle on babies' sensitive skin, WaterWipes Baby Wipes are made with specially purified, softened water and a tiny drop of fruit extract. They are hypoallergenic, they won't irritate the skin. Shop For Birthday Rompers
    • Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes- Thick and gentle for a soothing clean. Gentle and hypoallergenic - 0 percent alcohol, fragrance, parabens and latex ( Natural rubber)
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  1. 3. Diaper disposal bags- You’ll want bags for dirty diapers and wipes just in case trash isn’t readily available.
  2. 4. Change of clothes- For any mishap you’ll need to carry at least 2 extra pairs of clothes. Avoid clothes that require lots of effort to get on or off – no matter how cute they are!
  3. 5. Pacifiers and toys- If you use pacifiers, pack at least two, and carry them in a sealable bag. Your baby doesn't need a lot of fancy playthings, but it's nice to have a few rattles, musical toys, and soft toys at the ready. 
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  1. Formula. Pre-measure for each feeding and place it in a portable formula dispenser or bottle.
  • Nestle CERELAC - Rich in Iron baby cereal for babies from 12 to 24 months. A source of 16 important nutrients including vitamins and minerals. Provides 59% of a baby’s daily need of protein in 2 servings. 
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  • Nestle NAN PRO 2 - NAN PRO 2 is a spray dried Follow-Up Formula with DHA ARA for infants after 6 months when they are not breastfed. NAN PRO 2 contains DHA- DHA supports baby’s normal brain development. Contains Calcium along with Vitamin A, C, D, Iron and Zinc. Addition of 6% milk fat and change in source of DHA.
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  1. 2. Water for formula- Bring bottled water to add to your formula when you’re ready to feed the baby.
  2. 3. Few small bibs- Babies often bring up milk while burping. The bibs will protect your baby's clothes and can be changed easily.
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There’s no way to prepare for everything that may happen when you’re on the go with a baby. But with a little preparation, the right checklist, and your diaper bag will soon become your go-to resource for anything life might throw your way.

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