Tips to Take Care of Your Little One in Winters

Winters are all about staying cooped up in the house and it’s necessary to protect your little ball of fur from the harsh winds blowing outside. Your little one’s immune system will be still developing, making them susceptible to colds and infections and that is bound to leave you worried. 

Toddlers have a lot of energy to explore the world, they will always be on the move and will stick to doing what they want no matter what even the winter season can’t stop them. By taking preventive measures, you can keep your little one warm and safe.

1. CHOOSE SKIN SENSITIVE SOAP- Babies have very delicate and sensitive skin and often gets dry in extreme cold weather conditions. To avoid this it’s necessary to choose skin-sensitive fragrance-free soaps.

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2. USE A MOISTURIZER- Talking about dry cold weather your little one's soft and supple skin needs to retain moisture to stay healthy and avoid flakiness. For which you need to go for a good moisturizer for their skin. Choose moisturizers that are made for baby’s skin and are  rich in milk cream and butter, as it will help maintain the glow and texture of your baby’s skin.

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3. APPROPRIATE CLOTHING- Keeping your little one constantly wrapped up in thick sweaters, warmers, socks and  caps could restrict them from moving easily and make them irritable. It’s important to dress them up depending on the room temperature and opt for clothes that fully cover his body but are not constricting or suffocating. You can take some of the clothes off if it gets warm.

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4. STICK TO THE VACCINATION SCHEDULE- As it’s rightfully said ‘Precaution is better than cure’ being up-to-date with all the vaccinations of your little one will keep him healthy in future. During winters, your baby will be more susceptible to infections and his immune strength will be low too. Hence, It is highly important to get your child vaccinated at the right time. 

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5. INCLUDING HOT BEVERAGES IN BABY’S DIET- If your baby has reached the age where he can start taking semi-solids, winter would be a great time to introduce soups in his diet as  healthy soup in the cold weather will keep him warm. You can make soup for your baby and add mashed (or pureed) chicken pieces or vegetables to it. Also, including crushed garlic in the soup, will keep your baby warm during winters and protect him from various winter ailments.
Festival | Kids | Baby | Dress | Jumpsuit | Fflirtygo6. SUNLIGHT - Take full advantage of the rare sunny days we receive in winters. Sun is the best source for Vit D and in winter due to decreased exposure to sun, some children even develop Vit D Deficiency. Take your kids outside in the sun but don’t forget the sunscreen. 
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