About Us

1.    What is Fflirtygo.com?

Fflirtygo.com is an attempt by a team who want to bring the best of e-commerce experience to the Indian customers. You would find genuine products of our brand and some leading brands here. Quality of service and privacy of our customers is top most priority for us.

2.    Is Fflirtygo a marketplace?

No, we are not a marketplace. All the products sold on Fflirtygo are sold directly by us. We stock the products in our own warehouses, which ensures speedy delivery to our customers and high level of quality checks.

3.    Who we are?

We are a team of young professionals lead by Designers who want to provide best of online shopping experience to our customers. We manufacture most of our items in India or source some of the products from other Brands directly or through their authorized. We run our own warehousing operations in Gurgaon to enable us to fulfill your orders and deliver it on time. We are part of Graffiti, which also has interests in Customized Wallpapers and Graphic Designing.

4.    Have suggestions for us?

We are always interested in feedback from our customers. What they want next? Please feel free to write to us at fflirtygo@gmail.com